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Library Resources Online & Books

Academics with an interest in Diplomatic Law.

Acronym Institute for Disarmament Diplomacy.

American Foreign Service Association.

American Foreign Service Association – Ethics & Professionalism.

Archaeology Magazine.

Articles on Diplomatic Protection.

Art Law Report.

Art Law Research Guide (Georgetown University).

Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, John F Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University.

Bingham Centre for the rule of law

Cambridge Review of International Affairs.

Care Project – Consular and Diplomatic Legal Protection Framework in EU Member States.*

Cultural Heritage (International Law Association).

Cultural Property and Archaeology Law.

Cultural Property Law.

Cultural Property Training Resource.

Diplomatic History.

Diplomat Magazine.

Diplomatic Protection – Oxford Bibliographies.

eDiplomat – the global portal for Diplomats.

Egyptian Cultural Heritage Organisation.

English Heritage Guide to Heritage Preservation.

European Journal of International Relations.

European Journal of International Law.

European Preventative Archaeology (Papers of the EPAC meeting, 2004, Vilnius).*

Embassy Magazine.

FCO library collections.

Foreign Affairs Magazine.

Foreign Policy Bulletin.

Franck Goddio (Sunken Civilizations).

Heritage Law Europe.

HILTI Foundation (Archaeological excavations and research projects by Franck Goddio).

Institute of Art & Law.

International Affairs.

International Antiquities Law since 1900.

International Journal of Cultural Property.

International Law Commission.

International Studies Quarterly.

International Studies Review.

Journal for Contemporary History.

Journal of Conflict Resolution.


Lauterpacht Centre for International Law (Cambridge University).

Legal Information Institute – Cornell University.

Marine Archaeology Legislation Project (English Heritage).*

Maritime Archaeology – Legal Requirements (Australia).

Nautical Archaeology Society.

Protection of works of art in and after conflict – Chatham House.*

The Diplomat.

The Law of the Sea and International Marine Archaeology: Abandoning Admiralty Law to Protect Historic Shipwrecks, by Anne M.Cottrell.

The Peace Palace Library.

Institute for Global Change

Underwater Archaeology – State and Federal Laws Protecting Underwater Archaeological Resources (Florida).

Yale University Avalon Project – Documents in Law History and Diplomacy.


  • ‘Admissibility in the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court’, by Emma Collins.’ Due to be published in December 2014, and available from
  • ‘Aggression, the Crime of Crimes: Individual Criminal Liability for the Unlawful Use of Force’, by Cristina Villarino Villa. Due to be published in January 2015, and available from
  • ‘Akehurst’s Modern Introduction to International Law’ by Peter Malanczuk. The Wikipedia entry for the late Dr Michael Akehurst states, ‘His reputation is such that eight leading academics in the field dedicated their ‘Essays on the United Nations and the Principles of International Law’ to his memory in 1994.’  Dr Akehurst interviewed me for my place as a Law and Political Science undergraduate at Keele University.
  • ‘An Introduction to Space Law 3rd ed’, by I.H. Ph. Kopal V. Diederiks-Verschoor.
  • ‘Archbold International Criminal Courts: Practice, Procedure & Evidence 4th ed’, edited by: Rodney Dixon and Karim A. A. Khan.
  • ‘Beyond Machiavelli’, by Roger Fisher, Elizabeth Kopelman, and Andrew Kupfer Schneider. I met the late Roger Fisher in his study at Harvard Law School during an academic visit from King’s in April 2002. We talked for two hours. At the end of the meeting he went up to a bookshelf and handed me a copy of this book which he inscribed, ‘Another set of ideas’. He was one of the most modest, patient, and inspiring people I have ever met. LINK to Preface April 11 2002*.
  • ‘Bilateral and Regional Trade Agreements – Commentary and Analysis, 2nd ed’, edited by Simon Lester, Bryan Mercurio And Lorand Bartels.
  • ‘Bilateral and Regional Trade Agreements – Case Studies, 2nd ed’, edited by Simon Lester, Bryan Mercurio And Lorand Bartels.
  • ‘Brownlie’s Principles of Public International Law’, by James Crawford.
  • ‘Building Agreement’, by Roger Fisher and Daniel Shapiro.
  • ‘Cases and Materials on International Law’, by David Harris.
  • ‘Contemporary Challenges for the International Criminal Court’, edited by: Andraz Zidar and Olympia Bekou.
  • ‘Contracting for Space: Contract Practice in the European Space Sector’, by Lesley Jane Smith.
  • ‘Convention on International Interests in Mobile Equipment and Protocol Thereto on Matters Specific to Space Assets: Official Commentary’, by Roy Goode.
  • ‘Counter-Terrorism and International Law’, edited by: Katja L.H. Samuel, and Nigel D. White.
  • ‘Counter-terrorism, armed force and the laws of war’, by Adam Roberts.
  • ‘Counter-terrorism : international law and practice’: edited by: Ana Maria Salinas de Frias, Katja Samuel, and Nigel D. White.
  • ‘Crimes Against Humanity: The Struggle for Global Justice 4th ed’, by Goeffrey Robertson QC.
  • ‘Diplomatic Counterinsurgency Lessons from Bosnia and Herzegovina’, by Philippe Leoux-Martin.
  • ‘Diplomatic Dispute Settlement – The Use of Inter-State Conciliation’, by Sven M.G.Koopmans.
  • ‘Diplomatic Handbook’, by Ralph.G.Feltham.
  • ‘Diplomatic and Judicial Means of Dispute Settlement’, edited by Laurence Boisson de Chazournes, Marcelo G. Kohen, and Jorge E. Vinuales.
  • ‘Diplomatic Law: Commentary on the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations 4th ed (2016)’, by Eileen Denza.
  • ‘Diplomatic Protection’, by Chittharanjan.F.Amerasinghe.
  • ‘Disagreements, Disputes, and All-Out War’, by Gini Graham Scott.
  • ‘Dispute Settlement in the Area of Space Communication: 2nd Luxembourg Workshop on Space and Satellite Communication Law’, by Mahulena Hofmann. Due to be published in December 2014, and available from
  • ‘Divided Sovereignty: International Institutions and the Limits of State Authority’, by Carmen Pavel. Due to be published in December 2014, and available from
  • ‘Enforcing International Cultural Heritage Law’, edited by Francesco Francioni and James Gordley.
  • ‘Essential Air and Space Law: International Air Law and ICAO 2nd ed’, by Michael Milde.
  • ‘European Union Economic Diplomacy: The Role of the EU in External Economic Relations’, by Stephen Woolcock.
  • ‘Extraterritorial Use of Force Against Non-State Actors’, by Noam Lubell.
  • ‘Foreign Policy – From Conception to Diplomatic Practice’, by Ernest Petric.
  • ‘Foreign Relations Law’, by Campbell McLachlan.
  • ‘Fundamentals of Space Law and Policy’, by Fabio Tronchetti.
  • ‘Getting to Yes’, by Roger Fisher and William Ury.
  • ‘Getting It Done’, by Roger Fisher and Alan Sharp.
  • ‘Handbook of International Law’, by Anthony Aust.
  • ‘International Criminal Law’, by Roger O’Keefe. Due to be published in February 2015, and available from
  • ‘International Law, 7th ed’, by Malcolm N. Shaw.
  • ‘International Law and Dispute Settlement – New Problems and Techniques’, edited by Duncan French, Matthew Saul, and Nigel D White.
  • ‘International Law and Foreign Affairs in English Courts 2nd ed’, by Shaheed Fatima. Due to be published in January 2015, and available from
  • ‘Interpreting Crimes in the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court’, by Leena Grover. Due to be published in August 2014, and available from
  • ‘Interpreting WTO Agreements – Problems and Perspectives, 2nd ed’, by Asif H. Qureshi.
  • ‘Jurisdiction, Immunity and Transnational Human Rights Litigation’, by Xiaodong Yang. Due to be published in March 2015, and available from
  • ‘Justice for Victims before the International Criminal Court’, by Luke Moffet.
  • ‘Law and Regulation of Commercial Mining of Minerals in Outer Space’, by Ricky Lee.
  • ‘Mediation Advocacy’, by Andrew Goodman (who trained me as a mediation advocate) and Alastair Hammerton. LINK*.
  • ‘Modern Diplomacy’, by R.P.Barston.
  • ‘Modern International Criminal Justice: The Jurisprudence of the International Court’, by Raphael Kamuli. Due to be published in November 2014, and available from
  • ‘Modern Treaty Law and Practice’, by Anthony Aust.
  • ‘National Regulation of Space Activities’, by Ram S. Jakhu.
  • ‘National Space Law in China: An Overview of the Current Situation and Outlook for the Future’, by Yun Zhao. Due to be published in March 2015, and available from
  • ‘National Space Legislation in Europe: Issues of Authorisation of Private Space Activities in the Light of Developments in European Space Cooperation’, by Frans G. von der Dunk.
  • ‘Negotiating a Preferential Trading Agreement: Issues, Constriants and Practical Options’, by Sisira Jayasuriya, Donald MacLaren, and Gary Magee.
  • ‘Negotiating Environment and Science: “An Insider’s View of International Agreements, from Driftnets to the Space Station”’, by Richard Smith.
  • ‘Occupational Hazards’, by Rory Stewart.
  • ‘On the Law of Peace’, by Christine Bell.
  • ‘Oxford Commentaries on International Law’, by William Schabas.
  • ‘Oxford Guide to Treaties’, edited by Duncan B. Hollis.
  • ‘Pioneers of Space Law: A Publication of the International Institute of Space Law’, edited by Stephan Hobe.
  • ‘Preferential Trade Agreements: A Law and Economics Analysis’, edited by Kyle W. Bagwell and Petros Mavroidis.
  • ‘Principled Negotiation And Mediation In The International Arena – Talking With Evil’, by Paul J. Zwier.
  • ‘Proceedings of the International Institute of Space Law 2013’, edited by Corinne M. Contant Jorgenson.
  • ‘Public International Law’, by Gideon Boas.
  • ‘Reforming the UN Security Council Membership: The Illusion of Representativeness’, by Sabine Hassler. Due to be published in August 2014, and available from
  • ‘Remedies in International Human Rights Law 3rd ed’, by Dinah Shelton. Due to be published in March 2015, and available from
  • ‘Reparations and Victim Support in the International Criminal Court’ , by Conor McCarthy.
  • ‘Research Handbook on the Law of Treaties’, edited by Christian J Tams.
  • ‘Resisting United Nations Security Council Resolutions’, by Sufyan El Droubi.
  • ‘Responding to Modern Genocide: At the Confluence of Law and Politics’, by Mark D. Kielsgard. Due to be published in December 2014, and available from
  • ‘Rough Justice: The International Criminal Court in a World of Power Politics’, by David Bosco.
  • ‘Routledge Handbook of Transnational Criminal Law’, edited by Neil Boister and Robert Currie. Due to be published in October 2014, and available from
  • ‘Rules, Politics, and the International Criminal Court: Committing to the Court’, by Yvonne Dutton.
  • ‘Satow’s Diplomatic Practice’, 7th ed (2016) by Sir Ivor Roberts.
  • ‘Sovereignty and Jurisdiction in the Airspace and Outer Space: Legal Criteria for Spatial Delimination’, by Gbenga Oduntan.
  • ‘Space Law: A Treatise’, by Francis Lyall and Paul B. Larsen.
  • ‘Space Law: Reconsidering the Definition/Delimitation Question and the Passage of Spacecraft Through Foreign Airspace’, by Marietta Benko and Englebert Plescher.
  • ‘Space Security Law’, by Ruwantissa Abeyratne.
  • ‘Trade Policy Governance through Inter-Ministerial Coordination’, by Raymond Saner.
  • ‘The Cambridge Companion to International Law’, by James Crawford and Martti Koskenniemi.
  • ‘The Cape Town Convention: Its Application to Space Assets and Relation to the Law of Outer Space’, by Mark J. Sundahl.
  • ‘The Concept of the Civilian: Legal Recognition, Adjudication and the Trials of International Criminal Justice’, by Claire Garbett. Due to be published in December 2014, and available from
  • ‘The Crime of Aggression Under the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court’, by Carrie McDougall.
  • ‘The Development of International Humanitarian Law by the International Criminal Tribunals’, by Robert Cryer. Due to be published in November 2014, and available from
  • ‘The Expert Negotiator’, by Raymond Saner.
  • ‘The Geneva Conventions in Context: A Commentary’, edited by: Andrew Clapham, Paola Gaeta, and Marco Sassoli. Due to be published in March 2015, and available from
  • ‘The International Criminal Court in Search of its Purpose and Identity’, edited by: Triestino Mariniello. Due to be published in December 2014, and available from
  • ‘The Law and Jurisprudence of the International Criminal Tribunals and Courts: Procedure and Human Rights Aspects 2nd ed’, by Vladimir Tochilovsky.
  • ‘The Law and Practice of the International Criminal Court’, edited by: Carsten Stahn. Due to be published in January 2015, and available from
  • ‘The Law of Peace’, by Hersch Lauterpacht (collected papers).
  • ‘The Law of State Immunity 3rd ed’, by Hazel Fox and Webb Phillipa.
  • ‘The Law of Treaties: An Introduction’, by Robert Kolb.
  • ‘The New Economic Diplomacy: Decision-Making and Negotiation in International Economic Relations 3rd ed’, by Nicholas Bayne and Stephen Woolcock.
  • ‘The Procedure of the UN Security Council 4th ed’, by Loraine Sievers and Sam Daws. Due to be published in August 2014, and available from
  • ‘The Protection of Human Rights through International Law and International Criminal Law’, edited by Henning Glaser. Due to be published in April 2015, and available from
  • ‘The Protection of Victims and Witnesses at International and Internationalized Criminal Courts – The Example of the ECCC’, by Christiane Kunst.
  • ‘The Regulation of International Trade 4th ed’, by Michael Trebilcock, Robert Howse, and Antonia Eliason.
  • ‘The Rome Statute for the International Criminal Court: Analysis of the Statute, the Rules of Procedure and Evidence, the Regulations of the Court and Supplementary Instruments’, by Georghios M. Pikis.
  • ‘The Rise Of Islamic State – ISIS And The New Sunni Revolution’, by Patrick Cockburn.
  • ‘The Settlement of International Disputes – Basic Documents’, complied by Christian J Tams and Antonios Tzanakopoulos.
  • ‘The Territorial Jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court’, by Michail Vagias. Due to be published in August 2014, and available from
  • ‘The Ultimate Space Law Collection – Volume 1: Treaties and Declarations’, by Dorina Andoni. Available from
  • ‘The Ultimate Space Law Collection – Volume 2: National Space Legislation Part 1’, by Dorina Andoni.
  • ‘The Ultimate Space Law Collection – Volume 2.1: National Space Legislation Part 2’, by Dorina Andoni.
  • ‘The United Nations Security Council in the Age of Human Rights’, edited by: Jared Genser, Bruno Stagno Ugarte.
  • ‘The Vienna Conventions on the Law of Treaties: A Commentary’ (2 volumes), edited by Oliver Corten.
  • ‘The World Trade Organization: Law, Practice, And Policy, 3rd ed’, by Mitsuo Matsushita, Thomas J. Schoenbaum, Petros C. Mavroidis, and Michael Hahn.
  • ‘Tort Liability for Human Rights Abuses’, by George P Fletcher.
  • ‘Trade Cooperation: The Purpose, Design and Effects of Preferential Trade Agreements’, edited by Andreas Dur and Manfred Elsig.
  • ‘What is War’, by Mary Ellen O’Connell.