Library Resources Online

Academics with an interest in Diplomatic Law.

Acronym Institute for Disarmament Diplomacy.

American Foreign Service Association.

American Foreign Service Association – Ethics & Professionalism.

Archaeology Magazine.

Articles on Diplomatic Protection.

Art Law Report.

Art Law Research Guide (Georgetown University).

Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, John F Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University.

Bingham Centre for the rule of law

Cambridge Review of International Affairs.

Care Project – Consular and Diplomatic Legal Protection Framework in EU Member States.*

Cultural Heritage (International Law Association).

Cultural Property and Archaeology Law.

Cultural Property Law.

Cultural Property Training Resource.

Diplomatic History.

Diplomat Magazine.

Diplomatic Protection – Oxford Bibliographies.

eDiplomat – the global portal for Diplomats.

Egyptian Cultural Heritage Organisation.

English Heritage Guide to Heritage Preservation.

European Journal of International Relations.

European Journal of International Law.

European Preventative Archaeology (Papers of the EPAC meeting, 2004, Vilnius).*

Embassy Magazine.

FCO library collections.

Foreign Affairs Magazine.

Foreign Policy Bulletin.

Franck Goddio (Sunken Civilizations).

Heritage Law Europe.

HILTI Foundation (Archaeological excavations and research projects by Franck Goddio).

Institute of Art & Law.

International Affairs.

International Antiquities Law since 1900.

International Journal of Cultural Property.

International Law Commission.

International Studies Quarterly.

International Studies Review.

Journal for Contemporary History.

Journal of Conflict Resolution.


Lauterpacht Centre for International Law (Cambridge University).

Legal Information Institute – Cornell University.

Marine Archaeology Legislation Project (English Heritage).*

Maritime Archaeology – Legal Requirements (Australia).

Nautical Archaeology Society.

Protection of works of art in and after conflict – Chatham House.*

The Diplomat.

The Law of the Sea and International Marine Archaeology: Abandoning Admiralty Law to Protect Historic Shipwrecks, by Anne M.Cottrell.

The Peace Palace Library.

Institute for Global Change

Underwater Archaeology – State and Federal Laws Protecting Underwater Archaeological Resources (Florida).

Yale University Avalon Project – Documents in Law History and Diplomacy.