Diplomatic Law & Mediation group on LinkedIn

In June 2014 I created the Diplomatic Law & Mediation group on LinkedIn.

This is an open discussion group for academics, diplomats, politicians, international law practitioners, non-serving military and foreign service personnel, and journalists worldwide.

The aim of the group is to discuss strategic principles and public international law rules applicable to:

  1. designing a formula or ‘roadmap’ for peace, which aims to satisfy the underlying needs and interests of parties in a conflict; and
  2. the process of mediation through direct and back-channel diplomacy.

By joining the group you unequivocally agree that:

1. any comment posted by any member of the group is entirely without legal liability and does not constitute professional advice of any kind upon which any reliance may be placed whatsoever;

2. anybody involved in the moderation and administration of the group is fully entitled to provide to LinkedIn any information you provide about yourself, and that should you choose to provide an email address, you have the right to do so.

This is a knowledge-sharing platform to post questions or add comments. All views expressed on this forum are expressed without any legal liability and do not constitute advice of any kind whatsoever. Thank you for your understanding. Any queries should be sent to carl@diplomaticlaw.com.

To visit the group page or join the group please click on THIS LINK.